ICEP 2021 Siracusa
International Conference on Environmental Psychology

Urban Center, Catania University and Teatro Comunale, Siracusa, Italy
March 23th – 26th 2021


Due to the still critical situation of the Covid-19 emergency worldwide, we regret to announce that the ICEP 2021 Conference will be postponed to Autumn 2021.
The new dates will be communicated asap on the website and via formal and informal email networks.
The submission platform has been re-opened. The new deadline will be communicated in the coming weeks.
Please submit your abstract if you have not done it yet.
If you have already submitted an abstract, you do not need to do it again: just wait for the new dates announcement.
We regret for any inconvenience, and we look forward to welcome you all at the ICEP 2021 later next year.

Welcome letter from the Conference Chair,

Prof. Giuseppe Carrus

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce that the International Conference on Environmental Psychology – ICEP 2021 will take place from March 23rd to 26th 2021 in the beautiful city of Siracusa, in Sicily, Italy.

The aim of the conference is to promote the scientific debate over the most recent empirical findings and theoretical advances in environmental psychological science, and to stimulate peer-to-peer discussions in qualified networks on the relationship between humans and their environment.

The ICEP 2021 will be an international benchmark for experienced scholars, junior researchers and professionals working in the field of Environmental Psychology across the world. The ICEP 2021 will also welcome the participation of experts from other fields interested in environmental issues and human behaviour, to strengthen the dialogue and the multidisciplinary collaboration between psychological science and other disciplines, such as architecture, economics, geography and natural science, and to foster the links between environmental research and policy.

The ICEP 2021 Conference will build upon the success of the previous ICEP editions in A Coruna 2017 and Plymouth 2019, and on the great experience of the BCEP Conferences held in Groningen, Magdeburg and Zurich.

The ICEP Conference series is held every two years under the auspices of the Division of Environmental Psychology of the International Association for Applied Psychology (IAAP). The ICEP 2021 will be organized by the Department of Education of the Roma Tre University, and will have the local support of the Siracusa Architecture school at the University of Catania, as well as the full support of the Siracusa Municipality and other local cultural institutions.

The ICEP 2021 will bring together experts in behavioural, social and environmental science from over the world, in the magnificent surrounding and extraordinary historical heritage of Siracusa. The Conference will thus be an opportunity for academics and professionals in environmental psychological science and practice to strengthen existing networks and to exchange scientific knowledge on some of the most urgent challenges of contemporary human society.

The topics that will be discussed during the conference include, but are not limited to, issues such as:


  • Climate change

  • Ecological behaviour and pro-environmental attitudes

  • Land management, farming and resource conservation

  • Plastic pollution

  • Water resource management and oceans

  • The UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • People-environment relations and the Covid-19 pandemic emergency
  • Environmental education
  • Citizen participation and environmental policies
  • Place identity and place attachment
  • Social ecology


  • Sustainable Energy Transition

  • Life Cycle Assessment and sustainable consumption

  • Transportation, mobility and travel behaviour

  • Nearly Zero Energy Building

  • Energy poverty


  • Restorative environments

  • Nature-based solutions

  • Urban and peri-urban forestry and human wellbeing

  • Environment and health

  • Ecological design
  • Natural disasters and coping with environmental risks and hazards


  • Urban planning and human behaviour

  • Environmental design

  • Inclusive design

  • Housing and social housing

  • Urban regeneration

  • Extreme environments

Siracusa | ICEP 2021 Siracusa

Conference Venue

The Venue is located in one of the most beautiful Italian cities: Siracusa.

Siracusa is a window into the ancient history of the Mediterranean and Europe. Its vast archaeological site, on the edge of the modern city, is a rare treasure of temples, amphitheatres and an ancient castle. The island of Ortygia, a labyrinth of charming ancient and medieval streets, was a centre of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Judaic civilization. Physical evidence of these three cultures can still be seen today, making Ortygia a fascinating place to visit for anybody curious about the historic patrimony we have inherited from classical mythology, early Christianity and medieval Judaism.
Located near the southeastern corner of Sicily on the Ionian coast, Siracusa is built on an ancient Greek settlement founded by Corinthians in 734 BC (BCE), amalgamating with the Sicels (Sikels).
More than any other modern city in Sicily, Siracusa manifests a visible continuity
from its ancient Greek past, both historical and mythological.

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Important Dates

  • Abstract and poster submission opens:
    June 2020

  • Online registration opening:
    July 2020

  • Symposia and abstract submission deadline:

  • Symposia and abstract acceptance notification:

  • Authors’ registration and payment deadline:

  • Early bird deadline:

  • Regular Fee deadline:

  • Onsite Fee:
    starting TBA

Please note

As in previous years, please be aware that there is another 2021 conference called the International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP). It is scheduled for dates in May in Amsterdam. That conference is organized by WASET, an organization known for hosting “predatory conferences” (search in google on “WASET scam”). We do not recommend it to anyone. The ICEP organized by WASET is not in any way connected to or endorsed by the IAAP, nor is it organised by any reputable environmental psychology group or international/European Association known to us

Teatro di Siracusa | ICEP 2021 Siracusa
Modica | ICEP 2021 Siracusa