Siracusa, Italy

As a venue for the ICEP 2021, it was chosen Siracusa. The historical, natural and cultural magnificence of Sicily is witnessed by the recognition of seven Sites as Word Heritage given by UNESCO. Siracusa and Pantalica, the Valle dei Templi – Archeological Area of Agrigento, the Villa del Casale, the Eolie Islands, the Baroque Style of Val di Noto, the Etna mount and Palermo.

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean history by visiting Siracusa and Sicily. The isle has many proofs of the Magna Graecia and the Arab culture; of the Bizantinian culture and the Swabians, sicilian Normans, with the common thread of Jewish culture active and alive up to the 15th century.

In Sicily you will have the opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable emotion!

Siracusa | ICEP 2021 Siracusa

Conference Venues


Via del Teatro – Siracusa (Italy)

The Teatro Comunale of Siracusa is a classic example of 1800s Italian theatre-monuments. It plays an important role that is as symbolic as it is physical, because in the collective imagination of Syracusians the theatre represents the city’s ultimate place of culture and intellectual exchange.

It presents an impressive and elegant prospect, an ideal architectural frame for a place that represents the cradle of intellectual culture and entertainment. You will miss the masks and the mussels painted on the vault of the great hall.

Teatro Comunale di Siracusa| ICEP 2021 Siracusa


Piazza Duomo 4, Ortigia – Siracusa (Italy)

Located in the heart of Ortygia Island in Siracusa, in the stunning baroque Piazza Duomo, Palazzo Vermexio is the historical seat of the Syracuse Senate. It was built in the 17th century. The project for its construction was the work of the architect Giovanni Vermexio. The structure is a cube divided into two parts from the balcony. This means that the lower part of the building is Renaissance style and the upper part is Baroque. Today it is the Town Hall.


Comprensorio Castello Maniace – Via Abela n. 6, Ortigia – Siracusa (Italy)

Within the grounds of the monumental site of Castello Maniace, the beating heart of Ortigia, the historical centre of Siracusa, on a unique location, where land and sea meet the traces of millennia of history and the unquestionable beauty of the landscape in an extraordinary combination.

The multimedia conference room “Ferruzza-Romano”, with its 99 seats, a well-equipped laboratory, and the adjacent teaching room for environmental education activities, is located in the Plemmirio Consortium site and it’s within walking distance to the other event locations.

Venue | ICEP 2021 Siracusa
Venue | ICEP 2021 Siracusa
Venue | ICEP 2021 Siracusa