32 Years of excellence in organizing congresses & conferences

Since 1988 we have been working with professionalism and enthusiasm in the management and promotion of events, conferences, congresses, training courses as well as information and communication activities.

The relationship with our clients is profound because it is based on our successes which we owe to the cordiality and availability of our staff.

We are proud that our offer is always tailored to our clients’ needs and we always take care of every single detail of any event.

We make available the long experience we boast in the management of events and provide punctual and reliable logistic support.

We have been accrediting about 800 training events (of which 500 as CME Provider – since 2002). We are therefore able to manage big events from the designing step to the final step, monitoring the budget and also providing tax consultancy.

We have been organizing different events, reaching more than 21.540 participants.

The Scuola Superiore di Catania is a higher education centre of the University of Catania conceived in 1998 to select the best young minds and offer them a course of studies including analysis, research and experimentation.

The Scuola’s mission is to favour an early start to research for deserving brilliant minds, so the Scuola develops culture, scientific research and innovation by:

  • offering highly reputable innovative educational experiences at graduate and post-graduate level
  • evaluating and transferring knowledge and technology to the outside world
  • promoting a scientific community, which is open to cultural growth and liberal social exchange
  • living in a campus offering facilities, totally free of charge

Roma Tre University is a young university thought for young people. Founded in 1992, it has rapidly grown in terms of enrolments as well as in the number of academic courses offered. It has gained a very good reputation in the most prominent academic rankings, especially among the most recently founded institutions.

Roma Tre University is organized in 12 departments offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Postgraduate and Advanced courses, PhDs and Specialisation Schools.

A dynamic, modern and international university that has immediately characterised as the vital lever of the capital‘s urban development, within which it is now deeply rooted, contributing in changing the city’s identity with a persevering process of restructuring and re-using abandoned industrial buildings, converting them into factories of knowledge and research.