Yes, you must attend on site. We will not make arrangements for individual presentations by on-line platforms.

Yes, we will offer the possibility to follow the keynote addresses on-line. They will be given in the historic theater in Siracusa. Some symposia will also be scheduled for the theater, and those will also be made available as an on-line component of the conference. The on-line component will be offered at a significantly reduced fee.

People who are not members of the IAAP are most welcome to attend the conference. Please note however that joining the IAAP will qualify you for a reduction in the conference fee that exceeds the cost of the fee of joining the IAAP. We do welcome new members, and you can learn more about the other values of membership at the IAAP website: https://iaapsy.org/membership/how-to-join/

We have implemented a strong set of safety measures and will continue to update our procedures to follow the guidelines provided by the European Union and the loc public health authorities. You can read more about them here: icep2021.com/safe-meeting.